Instructor Training Courses

FTP Basic Mat Pilates
An introduction to Mat Pilates exercises for professional fitness instructors. This course includes an anatomy and physiology review, a history of the Pilates method, detailed breakdown of basic Mat Pilates exercises, principles of mat-based Pilates movement, the basics of postural analysis, comprehensive teaching practice sessions, professional teaching assessment, and exercise modifications for special populations.

FTP Advanced Mat Pilates
Building on the Basic Mat Pilates Course, this program is designed to instill confidence in teaching the basic repertoire, while adding a new series of advanced mat exercises and a new series of evolved mat exercises, including a standing series. With a focus on modifications, teaching progressions and cueing, the advanced course broadens the skills of the instructor while taking a closer look at the biomechanics of Pilates.

FTP Pilates for Personal Trainers
An introduction to basic Mat Pilates exercises and basic strength training exercises for professional personal trainers. This course includes a history of the Pilates Method, an introduction to the eight principles of Pilates and the language of Pilates, mastery of basic Pilates Mat exercises, programming for healthy adults and special populations, and business resources for marketing this service of personal training.

FTP GRAVITYPilates Prep Course
A preparatory course for fitness instructors with no Pilates experience who would like to attend the GRAVITYPilates training. Attendees will learn the 11 Mat Pilates exercises relevant to GRAVITYPilates, and the teaching skills for Mat Pilates which apply to the GRAVITYPilates program.

Certified group fitness instructors will learn how to teach the most effective and efficient 30-minute total body strength and endurance program in the health club industry. GRAVITYGroup: Strength Series is an effective and time efficient muscle strength and endurance group class performed on the GTS®. The training incorporates both lecture and practical applications regarding execution of movement, group strength training choreography, proper cueing techniques and additional progressions for all fitness levels. Trainers will walk away with a GRAVITYGroup certificate qualifying them to instruct the GRAVITYGroup: Strength Fundamentals™ and GRAVITYGroup: Strength.

GRAVITYPilates uses the revolutionary GTS® to establish a progressive repertoire blending traditional mat, reformer and Pilates evolved exercises using gravity as resistance or assistance. Within this eight hour training course, mat certified Pilates instructors will experience and apply Reformat Evolved repertoires; develop an understanding of the biomechanics of Pilates on the GTS; review the fundamentals of GRAVITYPilates; achieve an understanding of the GRAVITYPilates exercise principles of alignment, breath, and core control; and learn optimal class design and implementation. At the end of this course, participants will be able to teach the Reformat Evolved repertoire and be introduced to additional GRAVITYPilates programs.

FTP Gym Instructor Basics
This course is designed for those who are looking to pursue a career as a gym (fitness) instructor in a health club environment. Covering basic anatomy and physiology, exercise prescription and how to instruct clients using free weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment, and core/balance training apparatus.

FTP Become a Personal Trainer
A course for certified gym instructors who want to provide a high quality personal training service to their clients. Whether working at the client’s home, outside, or in the gym environment, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools for study needed to pass the ACE Personal Fitness Trainer certification test and the skills to begin training clients with confidence.

FTP Become a Group Exercise Instructor
Learn to teach group exercise classes to music! Covering basic anatomy and physiology, class design, choreography, working with music, modifications and considerations for special populations, this course provides the knowledge and tools for study needed to pass the ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification test and the skills you need to lead at the front of any hi/lo, step, group strength or dance-style class.

FTP Full Body Flexibility Workshop
Based on the best-selling book, "Full Body Flexibility" by Jay Blahnik, this course teaches qualified fitness professionals a system of stretching based on yoga, Pilates, martial arts and sports training. Perfect of personal trainers, athletic trainers and group exercise instructors, attendees will learn how to challenge muscles with multiple techniques to attain maximum flexibility, strengthen muscles to support the body in performing specific moves through the entire range of motion, and balance muscles equally in opposing muscle groups on both sides of the body.

FTP Stability Ball Training
Qualified group exercise instructors and personal trainers will learn to use the most versatile tool on the gym floor – the stability ball. This course provides an anatomy and physiology review, stability ball application and safety considerations, 15 basic exercises for upper body, lower body and core work with variations and modifications and templates for program design.